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Cross Section Analysis
Cross Section Analysis - 1D Beam Width / Edge Steepness
- Percentage of Peak
- Edge Steepness
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Percentage of Peak:

RayCi supports the most commonly used ‘percentage of peak’ method to determine the width from the beam cross section line. Therefore, two opposite markers are positioned automatically to the specified intensity level. The distance between the markers are used to define the beam width. Two pairs of markers can be used simultaneously to compare different settings.   

To expand the beam analysis level and roughness options with statistical values are available.

Percentage of Beam - Flat-Top Beam

- 50% - 50% (FWHM)
- 10% - 10%
- 1/e - 1/e
- 1/e2 - 1/e2
- User defined values

Edge Steepness:

Cross section lines of beam profiles are of particular interest for further beam analysis. Especially for flat-top beams the knowledge of the edge steepness is of great importance. RayCi defines the edge steepness of such beams by using different options.

Edge Stepness - Line Profile

- Edge Steepness Right
- Edge Steepness Left
- 10% - 90%
- User defined values