Harmonic Generator H-SMART
Automated Harmonic Generator H-SMART for Q2/Q2HE series lasers
Stand-alone 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th harmonic generator compatible with Q2 and Q2HE series lasers.
Microprocessor controlled temperature tuned nonlinear crystals.
Factory-configurable up to three exit ports.
Self-tuning of crystals for maximum pulse energy.
Build-in bypass and/or attenuator of fundamental beam (for some models).
Remote monitoring and control via common with laser or separate Ethernet interface.
Optional enhanced spectral purity of UV wavelengths.
Optional build-in or attachable motorized attenuator.
Optional build-in or attachable pulse energy monitor.
Optional fiber coupled output.
Optional air purging for improved lifetime of UV harmonic crystals and optics.
제조사 Quantum Light Instruments
가격 TBD
문의 02-3461-1103
제품 특징

H-SMART technical details

H-SMART is stand-alone automated harmonic generator module designed to be used with our Q2 and Q2HE series lasers. Module is intended to be mounted side-by-side with laser on common optical table or breadboard.
H-SMART has three exit ports that can be factory-configured to emit up to 5th harmonic wavelengths. Most common exit port standard configurations are listed in the “Exit port configuration options” table below. Custom configurations are available by request.