Harmonic Generator H1
Harmonic Generator H1 for Q1 series lasers
Stand-alone 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th harmonic generator compatible with Q1 series lasers.
Factory-configurable two exit ports.
Microprocessor controlled temperature tuned nonlinear crystals.
Remote monitoring and control via common with laser or separate Ethernet interface.
Optional attachable attenuator.
Optional attachable pulse energy monitor.
Optional fiber coupled output.
제조사 Quantum Light Instruments
가격 TBD
문의 02-3461-1103
제품 특징

H1 technical details

H1 is stand-alone harmonic generator module is designed to be used with our Q1 series lasers. Module is intended to be mounted side-by-side with Q1 laser on common optical table or breadboard.
H1 has two exit ports that can be factory-configured to emit up to 5th harmonic wavelengths. Most common standard configurations are listed in the table below.
Harmonic generation is a phase-sensitive process which requires phase matching to be efficient. Phase matching is possible in birefringent crystals, by finely tuning refractive indexes of interacting laser beams to required values. There are two ways to change refractive index of birefringent crystal: by changing its temperature or by changing incidence angle of laser beam.
In H1 modules phase matching of crystals is optimized by changing crystal temperature. Build-in microprocessor is used to fine tune and keep temperature stable. When supplied together with Q1 series laser, status of H1 can be remotely monitored and controlled from laser control panel (PC is required). Alternatively, control is possible directly via build-in Ethernet interface.
Most of high performance birefringent crystals are hygroscopic, which might limit their lifetime in humid environment. However, if they are continuously kept at higher than ambient temperatures, the lifetime of crystals can be significantly extended and can be even longer than laser system itself. To keep crystals dry, H1 module needs to be always connected to the power source. If power is not available, the module should be stored in dry place.

Module functionality can be further extended by auxiliary equipment:

Pulse energy of harmonic wavelength can be adjusted with our motorized attenuator. Models for up to 5thharmonic are available.
Pulse energy can be monitored by our attachable pulse energy monitor that can be attached directly to the harmonic generator or attenuator.
Fiber coupled output is available by request. Please inquire for detailed specifications.