Harmonic Generator SHG
Compact Second Harmonic Generator SHG for Q2/Q2HE lasers
Compact attachable 2nd harmonic generator compatible with Q2 and Q2HE series lasers.
Factory-configurable two exit ports.
Microprocessor controlled temperature tuned nonlinear crystal.
Remote monitoring and control via common with laser Ethernet interface.
Optional attachable pulse energy monitor.
제조사 Quantum Light Instruments
가격 TBD
문의 02-3461-1103
제품 특징

Compact Second Harmonic Generator SHG for Q2/Q2HE lasers

SHG technical details

SHG is compact second harmonic generator module is designed to be attached to our Q2 or Q2HE series lasers.
SHG has two exit ports that can be factory-configured in several ways. Standard configurations are listed in the table below. Second harmonic beam can be configured to be coaxial with fundamental beam (SHG-0 option) or can be separated from fundamental by build-in dichroic mirrors (SHG-1 and SHG-2 options).
When supplied together with Q2/Q2HE series laser, status of SHG can be remotely monitored and controlled from laser control panel (PC is required).
Our pulse energy monitor of EM series can be attached to the exit port with digital or analog readout of pulse energy value.
Most of high performance birefringent crystals are hygroscopic, which might limit their lifetime in humid environment. However, if they are continuously kept at higher than ambient temperatures, the lifetime of crystals can be significantly extended and can be even longer than laser system itself. To keep crystals dry, SHG module needs to be always connected to the laser controller. If powering is not available, the module should be stored in dry environment.

Specifications 1)


Configuration options


Figure 1. SHG harmonic generator port number assignment
  1. Due to continuous improvements all specifications are subject to change. The parameters marked typical are not specifications. They are indications of typical performance and will vary with each unit we manufacture.
  2. Fundamental to second harmonic.
  3. When unit is pumped by our Q2 or Q2HE series laser. Measured during 30 seconds operation after warm-up.
  4. Spectral purity for second harmonic beam.
  5. See Figure 1 for port number assignment.
  6. Wavelength is shown for 1064 nm pump wavelength. For 1053 nm pump wavelength recalculate wavelengths accordingly.
  7. Shows compatible pulse energy monitor model. This option is available only when SHG is supplied together with Q2 or Q2HE series laser.
  8. Both wavelengths exit Port #2, for separation external dichroic mirror is required.


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