SPRITE XT (Pulsed, Tunable, NIR)
An ultrafast laser source combining flexibility with stability, reliability and productivity - available as femtosecond, picosecond and fixed wavelength or tunable versions.
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Sprite XT is a flexible ultrafast, femtosecond laser source. It delivers stability, reliability and productivity and is equally at home in the lab or as part of an OEM application. Choose your output power (up to multi-Watts), pulse width (femtosecond or picosecond models), wavelength range (fixed wavelength or tunable), and pulse repetition rate (<80 MHz to multi-GHz). All Sprite models are designed for alignment-free and maintenance-free operation and can be controlled from a web browser. It’s ideal for multi-photon excitation (MPE) and FLIM, quantum optics, time resolved spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, pump-probe experiments, microscopy, amplifier seeding, and electro-optic sampling.



Sprite XT has exceptionally stable power, beam and pulses of any ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser sources and amplitude noise (<0.1%). Sprite XT auto-aligns once or twice a day, not every few minutes like other systems.


Sprite XT provides fully automated, simple and rapid tuning from 720-980 nm delivering >1.5 W at the peak. Tuning can be extended to >1000 nm, and frequency conversion modules allow for stable access to visible and IR wavelengths.


Sprite XT is less than half the size of comparable lasers. The laser can be self-installed and the power supply easily disconnected from the compact laser head, allowing for one-person movement of the laser to another location or experiment.


Wavelength tuning and locking is easy via a web interface or via a published set of TCP/IP controls, facilitating automated control and option to use third party applications such as LabVIEW and MATLAB.


Integrated pump with active pump beam alignment for superb power stability.


Tuning range 720-980 nm
Output power (modelocked) > 0.7 W at ~725 nm / > 1.5 W at ~800 nm / > 0.7 W at ~935 nm
Pulse width < 150 fs
Amplitude noise < 0.1%
Output power stability < ± 0.25%
Pulse repetition rate80 MHz )
Polarisation< 500:1
Spatial modeTEMoo (M2 < 1.1)
Beam diameter1.2 mm +/- 0.1 mm
Beam ellipticity< 1.1
Astigmatism< 10 %
Beam pointing< 0.4 µrad/nm
Sprite XT laser dimensions534 x 214 x 174 mm (LxWxH)
Ice Bloc controller dimensions:34 cm x Half Rack x 2U (LxWxH)
Operating voltage:90-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz
Maximum operating current:< 3 A at 100 Vac < 1.5 A at 230 Vac (laser head + integrated pump + 
controller + PC) < 6 A at 100 Vac (closed-loop chiller. Upper limit, actual 
value depends on laboratory conditions)
Operating temperature range20 to 35 (68 to 95℉)
Laboratory requirements:Mount on optical table with air free of dust (Laminar airflow box recommended)