Sprout-Solo, up to 10W
Green CW high power SLM LASERs - Ultra low noise
Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers have been distilled into the range of products offered by Lighthouse Photonics. Our unique designs result in tangible benefits such as near-zero noise and extreme power stability. This performance when coupled with the latest advanced laser manufacturing techniques results in state-of-the-art products with exceptional ruggedness and reliability. Near diffraction-limited beams allow the products to be used in a wide variety of precision scientific and industrial applications. When you purchase any product from Lighthouse Photonics you are truly buying the latest advanced laser technology.

Seal™ enclosure keeps all dirt, dust and moisture out of the laser head to provide years of usage without any cleaning or maintenance
LockT™ optics mounting locks all laser head optics permanently in perfect alignment
Noise Elimination Technology (NET™) provides virtually noise-free performance
Compact laser heads and power supplies minimize the space consumed in your lab or instrument
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Sprout‐Solo™ is a compact, diode‐pumped solid‐state (DPSS) laser providing up to 10 Watts continuous‐wave (CW) power at 532nm in a near‐perfect TEM00 mode with single frequency output, extremely low optical noise and excellent long‐term stability. Sprout™ is truly a next‐generation laser designed and manufactured using many years of experience to provide a sealed, turn‐key source of collimated green light with high spectral purity. There are 4 versions available ranging from 5 Watts to 10 Watts.

The laser head is a monolithic 3‐dimensional design for ruggedness and compactness. The fiber‐coupled pump diode package, contained in the power supply, has a typical mean time to failure (MTTF) of more than 50,000 hours to minimize cost‐of‐ownership. The power supply contains an integrated thermoelectrically‐cooled (TEC) chiller. This ultra‐quiet, purpose‐built chiller is engineered to provide excellent reliability and reduced overall system footprint. Additional features of Sprout‐H™ include automatic laser power control and USB, RS‐232 and Ethernet interfaces for external monitoring, control and remote service.

• Compact laser head with Seal™ enclosure for long lifetime
• LockT™ mounting technology locks all cavity optics permanently in perfect alignment
• Long lifetime pump diode pack located in power supply and fiber‐coupled to laser head
• Extreme low noise <0.02% rms with Noise Elimination Technology (NET™)
• Fast warm‐up time providing mode‐hop free operation within 15 minutes
• World‐class long‐term power stability <±0.25% over 24 hours
• Closed‐loop, purpose‐built TEC chiller integrated in power supply
• Excellent value. Contact Us today for a competitive quotation.


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