Nano Second LASERs
max 80W SHORT PULSE LASERS - 나노초 (nano second)
- beam quality: M² < 2
- pulse energy up to 8mJ
- pulse length down to 4ns
- peak power up to 1MW
- pulse rep. rate up to 150 kHz
- average power up to 80W
- wavelength 1064, 532, 355, 266nm
제조사 EdgeWave GmbH
가격 TBD
문의 김지철이사, 하윤미과장
제품 특징
  • Favourable applications of BX-series are:
  • Photovoltaic, e.g. scribing, drilling and cutting of Si-wafer, ablation of conduction or dielectric layers of thin film solar and crystalline Si solar cells
  • Display, e.g. structuring of conduction layer, cutting of glass screen
  • Glass industry, e.g. micro drilling and high throughput subsurface engraving
  • Electronics industry, e.g. drilling and cutting of printed circuit boards
  • Tool making and mechanical engineering, e.g. 3D rapid prototyping via ablation

Download: Datasheet