Nonlinear Crystals Oven
Temperature up to 60 °C
Temperature tuning range ±5 °C
Accepts crystals up to 12×12×30 mm size
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Nonlinear Crystals Oven
  • Temperature up to 60 °C
  • Temperature tuning range ±5 °C
  • Accepts crystals up to 12×12×30 mm size


TK7 is compact nonlinear crystals oven with build-in thermocontroller for temperature up to 60 °CTK7 oven provides more crystal mounting options in comparison to TK3 or TK4. Like in KK1, each crystal is mounted into adapter before insertion in oven. TK7 and KK1 crystal adapters are compatible. Maximum crystal size for this model is 12×12 mm and the length of the crystal – 30 mm.

The pre-set temperature can be adjusted in ±5°C range with the help of potentiometer. The current temperature is not indicated. TK7 has “temperature ready” signal, changing state when pre-set temperature is reached. For additional protection of crystal surfaces from the dust or other contamination, we offer TK7W model – windowed version of TK7 oven.


Temperature tuning range near preset± 5 °C
Maximum crystal dimensions12×12×15 mm12×12×30 mm
Sealing (optional)FS windows
Preset temperature30 – 60 (80) °C
Long-term stability± 0.2 °C
Temperature OK output signalpresent
Powering requirements12 – 15 V DC
Power consumption6 W
Sensor typeNTC Thermo resistor
Output connectorBinder 719, 3 pin
Dimensions, W×H×D48×50×44 mm48×50×56 mm
  1. Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.

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